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School fees for Primary Education

Your donation makes it possible for a child living in poverty to attend primary school.


Taught and supported by a dedicated team of teachers, they will have access to a wide range of academic subjects and pastoral support.

Learning is a fun and inspiring experience for our children. Despite limited resources, our team work hard to create an environment where our little ones can really enjoy their educational experience!

You will receive a report each term and a letter from your student - updating you on their progress and providing you with our Ugandan team's PO Box address should you wish to write. 





School fees for Secondary Education

Your donation makes it possible for a child to go on to study at secondary school.

It is vital that children progress on to secondary school in order to access vocational colleges and the skilled job market. 

Our sponsors receive a copy of their child's report each term and we provide you with our Ugandan team's PO Box address should you wish to write.

This year, we are keen to explore the possibility of sponsors continuing to support their primary students on to secondary education. Where the increase in fee makes this tricky for some, several of our supporters have combined their sponsorship in order to make this transition possible for our students. Please do get in touch if you are keen to explore this option!





Donations for all sorts!

All donations are gratefully received by our team and used to provide much needed meals, stationary, uniforms and workshops, as well as developing and improving the school site where much of our team's work is based.  

This year, we are working towards improving the water and sanitation systems, as well as planning to renovate and develop the existing school buildings. 

It's really important to us that our students are educated at a site that is designed to ensure their educational experience is as positive and enjoyable as possible. We are also keen to make sure all development is sustainable and set to remain so for the long-term. 

Do get in touch if you are keen to support us with our fundraising and work in 2020!



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